Getting A Mortgage In Nottingham

Key Mortgages and Protection specialise in tailored mortgage advice and quality broker services in Nottingham and the surrounding areas. Being based in Nottingham means we are first to know about any changes to the property market, meaning we are able to give you the latest information and explain how it will affect the process of buying a property in the local area.

What are the benefits of using mortgage services in my local area?

Having a broker in the local area will make attending appointments easier and more useful if you prefer face to face discussions. So if you live in the Nottingham area and choose us as your broker, you can expect a convenient and in depth appointment that covers everything you need to get going with your mortgage application.

What is the process of applying for a mortgage in Nottingham?

The first thing you will need to do is to make an appointment with a mortgage broker. To make an appointment at our Carlton office, give us a call to arrange a time and date that suits you. We also offer video and telephone appointments too. During the appointment we will go over your options and which best suits your financial situation.

Prepare your documents in advance and bring them along to the appointment. This will include…

  • Up to six months of bank statements
  • Proof of ID
  • Details of your employment
  • Details of existing credit commitments

After assessing your circumstances, you might want to get a 'decision in principle' which is also referred to as an agreement in principle or AIP. This involves a lender agreeing - in principle - to give you a mortgage, involving an affordability and credit check. Your broker will be able to provide you with a certificate to say how much you can borrow which an estate agent will often ask for if you put an offer forward on a property.

If you are at the stage of having your offer on a property accepted you can then make a formal mortgage application. If you have chosen us as your broker, we can arrange this for you and help you through the process all the way through to completion.

If you live in the Nottingham area and want to get started with your mortgage application, contact us or give us a call so we can arrange an appointment.